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If you’re using CrocoBlock subscription, you must’ve noticed that this July JetThemeCore plugin was updated to v.1.1.0. The plugin allows working with page and section templates and provides access to the huge templates library with +1000 pre-designed sections and pages on different topics made specially for Elementor.

JetThemeCore is also known as the tool that makes it possible to create header and footer templates with Elementor Free version and apply them to different pages or page templates.

However, mostly every blogger who’s worth his salt must have been wondering at some point how to create a custom Archive or Single post page with Elementor page builder.

First of all, I’d like to add some explanations in order to clear up what are the Archive and Single Post pages, and why you can’t just create or edit them the way you do with other static WordPress pages.

The main reason for this is that the Archive page features all the posts published on the site. It displays dynamic content, that is updated with every new entry and new publication. Also, you can query the posts here by category, author or publishing date.

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